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Christy Rutherford

A globally recognized leader and strategist, Christy has trained leaders at various levels in organizations. A leader of leaders, she’s mentored and cultivated a number of leaders who have remained wildly successful long after they parted. Christy knows personally that great leaders can cross cultural, racial, generational and gender barriers.

Using her background and personal experience of creating high performance teams that increased their productivity by 160%, without complaint, Christy assists her clients with creating the same accelerated and measurable results in their organizations. She believes that it all starts with motivating and inspiring the leaders. People emulate the performance of their leaders, rather than follow their verbal direction.

If you are ready to create a culture of high performance, contact Christy today at info@liveupleadership.com to schedule a strategy session and design a custom program for your organization.




Video Testimonial - Keshelle Davis
Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mom, Dedicated Wife

"Christy can assist any executive at any stage in his or her career, whether in transition or simply feeling overwhelmed and having difficulty balancing work and life. Transitioning into a new career field, after a long standing career ended, Christy's infectious enthusiasm and sage encouragement came precisely at the right time, giving me a fresh perspective and new purpose, building confidence in my direction. I continue to benefit from her insightful posts and "pep" talks! Her stellar credentials and reputation speak volumes. Simply stated, Christy Rutherford can be an invaluable asset to any business venture, leadership team or transition you might be contemplating."

Aaron Davenport
Senior Analyst RAND Corporation

"Christy gets at the heart of high-performance, which is the mindset. I knew I had great leadership skills since I was young; however as an adult I kept getting in my own way and didn't know it. Through Christy's own personal experience and making a bold decision to walk in her purpose and destiny, she has helped removed some of the mental blockages that have kept me from performing."

Candace Chance
BeBold Bmore - Community Activist, Powerhouse Millenial

When faced with the most difficult challenge in my career, Christy helped me truly understand my value and gave me perspective on what I gained during a "perceived" loss. Because of her coaching, I did not take on the role of a victim. I'm actually grateful for the challenge, because it forced me to re-evaluate the direction I was going in. I am happier than I've been in 10 years, my wife has excelled in her career and I make a concerted effort to spend more time with my kids. With a different perspective, I was able to see that what initially created anxiety in my life has been the greatest blessing of all.

Pride Sanders
Lieutenant Commander, US Coast Guard

Career decisions can seem daunting. Sometimes you need some clarity-- an outside perspective on your current course and an opinion on where to go next. Christy gave me some great advice when I'd reached a decision point about the next step in my career. Literally walking me through the potential benefits of each option, Christy actively listened and offered her perspective.

Chris Ogle

Video Testimonial - Jason Flennoy
Strategic Planner, Negotiator and Trainer

"Christy Rutherford in a word:
TRANSFORMATIVE! There is a constant thread in every memory I have of Christy, and that is one of renewal. If I ever hit a wall or felt I had exhausted all options, she pointed me, with ease, to the door I had left unopened. There was always a path forward. If I had a huge success and wanted to share, she reveled in that moment with me, but in the end she would always ask: how can you do it even better next time? I leave with a sharpened determination, with a plan to do greater and be great.

It’s so incredibly rare to find leaders with vision, clarity and the ability to inspire greatness in others. Christy exists in a space in which the path ahead always seems so clear. And not only is it clear, but the goal at the end of that path is attainable. And that success can (must) be had without sacrificing what means most to you. As a professional woman with children, this was perhaps the hardest, yet most important, lesson I’ve ever learned."

Anisa Khandkar
Data Analyst, FEMA

What makes Christy Rutherford who she is? Three things: 1) Clarity of vision; 2) Genuine concern; 3) Authentic advice. The world is a better place because she makes it so.

Thomas Yuhas
VP - Business Development

"After being pre-maturely released from my job after 17 years, I was devastated. However, there was a window of opportunity to fight for what I thought was owed to me. Christy helped me explore the various scenarios and offered perspective that literally changed my life with one decision. I chose to stop looking in the rear view mirror at what I lost and instead, look through the big and expansive windshield of my future. Being able to recognize the life in front of me was more valuable than the one that was behind me, allowed me to move on with my life. Through Christy's leadership and coaching, I forgave my employers for their decision and I’m happier, whole and more grateful. You can’t put a price tag on that."

Calvin Summers
Entrepreneur, Environmental Manager

Christy is a phenomenal and inspiring individual. She is well versed in inspirational thinking, mentorship, leadership and provides great assistance when sought.
Despite our demographical differences (age, professional field and country of residence), her impressive input and insight has been invaluable and it is a joy to converse with such a talented individual. Matter of fact, I always leave our conversations with a smile, as well as with new inspiring thoughts/tools to apply. You are awesome Christy, keep being the gem that you truly are.
Feel fortunate to be acquainted with Ms. Rutherford, she has a bright and interesting future ahead - one that I'll be following with keen interest.

Hoda Aden Mohamed
Financial Services, Norway

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